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  VEDANT encompasses teaching methodology involving complete interaction. where children are encouraged to collaborate & help each other.  
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Pre Primary
The first 5 year of every child is the most important phases as it is the time of getting moulded into an individual who is going to be responsible for the future of the nation.

Vedant International School believes to mould every kid just as a potter creates a master piece on its wheel with full patience, art, dedication.

During the Pre-School the main objective of the school is to encourage Strength and promote the child’s potential, confidence along with cognitive & motor skills as well as creativity, originality and

independence. Nursery, Prep., Junior, Prep. Senior

During the early years of development, schedules and programmes are planned so as to create learners out of young children. Effective instructional materials provide equipments that help to develop their motor and mental skills. Lessons are made interesting, meaningful and enjoyable and finally develop in the child a love for learning. Challenges that will suitably stimulate his/her abilities are thrown open to him/her to grow physically and develop mentally.

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