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  VEDANT encompasses teaching methodology involving complete interaction. where children are encouraged to collaborate & help each other.  
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Salient Features of the School
It is the only CBSC Affiliated School established in the vicinity of Maninagar.

To provide value added education for the achievement of better quality of life.
Campus situated on open environment airy, spacious and well furnished class roomís highly experienced, devoted and qualified staff.

Celebration of various religious festivals to establish the sense of brotherhood and harmony among the students from various communities.

Conducting tours and picnics to mould the students and make them more responsible and create a spirit of sharing among them.

Recognise the potential of each child and help them to groom. Encourage them to value and respect the environment. Provide a stable, happy and caring atmosphere. Practical oriented and visualized approach methods of teaching are implemented in the class room. Students are taken to Audio visual room and taught by visualization in the various subjects like science, Social Science and English.

Work sheets are prepared by the teachers in each subject to enhance the subject knowledge of the children.

Teachers are not only given in - house training but also attend various seminars conducted by experts in order to update knowledge and teaching methods In Primary classes, emphasis is on skills of learning. The approach is of integration of Science and Technology, bringing Mathematics closer to life and thematic teaching of Social Sciences. In languages, emphasis is on listening, speaking, reading, writing and thinking in balanced manner i.e. to develop communication skills with grammatical accuracy and appropriateness of style.

Students are imparted enough computer expertise to deal with the technology aided learning environment of today. Music, Art Education, Health and Physical education are treated as co-scholastic areas to develop aesthetics and finer qualities of the student. The evaluation is in the form of continuous internal testing and terminal examinations and the studentís achievement is graded accordingly.

In Secondary, besides developing basic concepts in each area, the C.B.S.E. curriculum of these classes is so planned that the learner acquires skills to apply theoretical knowledge in their day-to-day life and prepares him to be a life long learner. Projects and activities are an integral part of this curriculum. Learning areas include: two Languages - English (Course A) and Hindi (Course A / B), Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Work Experience, Art Education, Physical and Health Education. Teaching is done through lectures, projects, presentations, group discussions, workshops and seminars.

Testing and Examinations are regular and rigorous and are in accordance with CBSE pattern.
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